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Moisturize. Protect. Shine.

Blaque Broccoli came from my correlation with the likeness of broccoli florets and afros/curls. Have you ever noticed how much broccoli looks like curly hair?

As a protective stylist and naturalista in the CT area, I always have loved to mix oils and hydrate my skin and my hair with natural oils. Whether I'm using oil to remove my makeup, hydrate my body, oil cleanse my face.. Oils have always been a major part of my skincare routine.

Many clients would come to see me to get their hair done and I have to rewash their hair because of how dry the scalp still was. Also, because of how much visible dandruff was on the scalp.
I would always treat the scalp with my special blend before braiding a clients' to ensure the hair is protected and soft while being covered for a few weeks.

People comment to me about how get their scalp felt. I much easier they could tell I was about to get through their natural hair because of the oil softening it. So I decided to give them something they can take home. After selling the product with no name & getting lots of positive feedback, I decided to organize it and release it.

As a person with very sensitive skin, I wanted to make it my duty to combine oils with the most gentle but effective properties. With more research, I decided to add broccoli seed oil and a few other essential oils to ensure growth and more benefits.

The main oil I sell became a multi-use oil because many began to explore the oil in other places like the face and body and intimate areas. The signature smell has become my broccoli baes favorite part of the experience. Cinnamon and lavender oil process calming properties, while the tea tree oil opens the senses and awakes the scalp.

Please keep in mind I do customize oils, I can substitute some ingredients for others. I understand some people are allergic but would still like to purchase something wonderful for their skin.

If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask questions, I can work something out for you.

PLEASE BEWARE: We are in the in really hectic time due to the COVID-19 virus. Many packages have been processed at the post offices but lost during this time. There are also lots of cases of theft (not from shoppers but other) and unpredictable things happening right now. Please be advised that I am not responsible for packages processed and stuck within the mailing system. Please don't order if these are terms you cannot agree too.

Understand there is a nut oil in the new Facial Elixir if you are allergic to nuts please do not shop that product. If you're unsure about being allergic to any products, you can always do a spot check. Place a small amount of the product on the area you'd want to use it & see what it does over time.

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