Are oils for me?

Are oils for me?

Let Blaque Broccoli help you today. 

You can definitely use a facial oil instead of moisturizers. 

Blaque Broccoli is a wonderful mix of 10 natural oils, that are just enough to give the skin what it needs. Balance sebum production and fight acne daily with our facial oil.

Here are some facts about Blaque Broccoli:

-This oil will help fight acne. 

-This oil will help lock in moisture all day.

-It doesn't sit on the skin as some heavier creams can. It goes deeper into the skin.

-Hydrating the skin with a nutritious oil like Blaque Broccoli will help the skin to appear to be more youthful. 

It's best to use the oil after a fresh cleansing. Use a lightweight serum under your oil. If it is the daytime, be sure to add an SPF on top. It's also light enough to be used to prep the skin before makeup & sleep. 

PS. Blaque Broccoli is also amazing for promoting growth in the beard and moisturizing the face fellas! Don't forget! 

Read this article from about the benefits of broccoli seed oil:

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